Hair Health Clinics at Christian Wiles Hairdressing Salon in Northampton
At Christian Wiles, we are hugely passionate about healthy hair. We are committed to ensuring that every client has access to information and education regarding all aspects of hair and scalp health.

We discretely cater for those clients who have concerns over their hair by hosting a Hair Health Clinic with a highly skilled and reputable trichologist who is available to offer a personalised and in-depth analysis that covers diagnosis, GP referrals, finding preventative, preservative and masking solutions.

We work closely with Harley Street Trichologist and Hair Loss expert, Eva Proudman AIT. Eva is a much sought after independent trichologist and hair loss specialist with in excess of 17 years experience in her field and is regarded by both the hairdressing industry’s elite and by high profile global brands as the go-to expert for everything related to hair loss and trichology.

Eva uses the very latest technology and tests world-class products in pioneering techniques. She has been involved in a number of research and development programmes with leading global brands, helping to develop new hair products and has successfully delivered products and solutions into the hair loss market that work in harmony with the hair and scalp.

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