From the moment you first enter the Cienté salon you will notice what makes the Cienté Experience different from any other salon you’ve been to before.

Friendly staff
The first thing that will strike you is how warm, friendly, attentive and yet highly professional all of our staff members are. This is because we believe in treating our clients exactly how we prefer to be treated ourselves, and that means always being polite, respectful and empathetic.

Coffee and magazines
You’ll also notice that we don’t have a waiting area with comfy sofas and a coffee table covered in magazines. This is because we endeavour to see you at your appointed time. We don’t believe in keeping you waiting.

However once you have been booked in, greeted by your stylist, and escorted to your styling station we will offer you magazines and refreshments, and if there is anything else that will make your visit more comfortable or enjoyable, please ask.

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