Hair Loss Control Clinic was established by Hair Loss Consultant Niall Friel. As a fellow Hair Loss sufferer Niall for years searched for a solution to his Hair Loss situation. During his search for a cure he personally claims to have read every book and tried every hair loss remedy and old wives tale no matter how bizare all in an attempt try to restore his hair. During his search he encountered many unknowledgable consultants passing on ineffective treatment methods.

Coming into my twenties I was a confident guy but as the hair began to fall so did my confidence. I didn’t notice my hair loss at first probably because it was so gradual, but the day one of my colleagues mentioned I was ‘Thinning on Top’ panic set in.

After spending many years and thousands of pounds in the process, Niall still did not have the desired result – the result to have a full head of hair. Determined to find a solution for his own hair loss, Niall decided to actively seek out the true experts and pioneers in the field of hair loss. Over many he has developed close relationships with the UKs and Europes leading surgeons and consultants.

Determined to ensure that fellow hair loss sufferers would not have to endure the same frustrations and excessive financial commitments to which he had been exposed. Hair Loss Control Clinic Hair Loss Clinic was established and has been committed to an effective, responsible and affordable approach to treating Hair Loss ever since.

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