Are you looking for the best hair transplantation? Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST) is the hair transplantation technique with the best end result. Proven effective and exclusively performed by Hair Stem Cell Clinic. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have beautiful full hair again.

The driving force behind the Hair Stem Cell Clinic is Dr Coen Gho. His commitment to improving the lives of patients and inherent passion for science formed the foundation for the development of the hair stem cell transplantation technique.

Doctor and researcher Coen Gho has dedicated his life to hair, stem cells and tissue engineering. Together with universities and academic hospitals around the world, he has been researching hair stem cells for thirty years. He is the inventor and patent holder of the Partial Longitudinal Follicular Unit Transplantation technique, better known as Hair Stem Cell Transplantation (HST).

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