LGS hair clinic has been going for 8 years now, it was set up by Lukan Griffith and was one of the first scalp micropigmentation clinics to be set up in the UK. Lukan got so busy with his outstanding results his diary was full for months 7 days a week, so he decided to train his son up to the same standard as his self, a year later his sons diary was full, so he decided to take on his sons friend and trained him up and from that the business just kept growing and growing. LGS has 10 staff now all trained up to high standard, all LGS staff work 6 days a week this is what makes them the best technicians in this field big experience! We have scalp micropigmentation branches in Birmingham, London, Marbella and Barcelona . Lukan has made the prices at LGS very affordable for the average working man since he knows what it was like back in the day working on a minimum wage, he wants to give everyone a chance to have a hair line.

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