The newest treatment at The White Rooms – Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). SMP requires no donor hair, no drugs, no lotions and no concealers, and is the only treatment 100% guaranteed to work.

The procedure
The procedure: Using specialised pigment and a state of the art digital device equipped with a microneedle, tiny pigment deposits are placed into the skin to create the perfect ultra-realistic replication of hair follicles. It is a simple as that.

Following a consultation, we will create an individual treatment plan designed specifically for your needs; style, density, hairline, colour. The pigment is applied to the scalp, generally over the course of 3 sessions, with each session lasting around 3 hours. In order for the scalp to rest and heal, it is essential that five to seven days is allowed between each session. During the course of the 3 sessions, the pigments are layered to gradually increase density and are blended with your own natural hair to create the perfect look.

Additional Info

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